Remembering Howie Epstein

Remembering Howie Epstein on what would have been his 60th birthday

I started in 1999 and  I believe it was sometime in 2000 when I befriended Howie Epstein through a mutual friend.  I remember him calling and saying "I'm going to send you some Polaroids off my refrigerator, but I want them back!  You can scan them and put them on gonegator if ya want."  HELL YEAH I wanted!  So Howie sent me a bunch of pictures and a tshirt from Tom's 50th birthday.  In hind sight, I wish I had scanned them at a higher resolution.

Howie really helped gain a bunch of loyal users and fans.  As you could only see these pictures on at the time.

When Howie passed I had other friends of his call and send me some more pictures.  I also got a call from USA Today wanting to publish a link.  And although just a blurb, it got the site looked at by WAY more people.

Thank you Howie, you are loved and missed!  


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