Thanks For The Memory Adria!

In 2002, was redesigned by Tom's daughter, Adria.  Gone was The Vox Lounge and Adria built a beautiful website for her Dad, which was launched with the release of The Last DJ.  


12 years ago, Adria Petty gave me the best Christmas gift I ever got!  At the time, the Official BBS was the fan hangout and was in full swing.  Although looking at old images of gonegator as compared to now is like night and day.  I'm kinda surprised I got anyone to look at the site! In December of 2002 Adria left this post on the Official BBS.  Still brings a smile to my face, I was extremely flattered.

"Hey it's Adria Petty here.

I have never used the boards before but i am really touched by your responses to the site. Thank you so much for you compliments. I also want want to address some of your concerns. I am so sorry it took so long to get a decent site up and running. You will see a lot of technical improvements after the holidays (screensavers etc). New bios and a new merch store. As well as a few new photos here and there. And i have my fingers crossed but i believe the updating etc. will be vastly improved. Cathy buffington - bless her soul - is going to be able to bring you the news with a whole new news managing system...that works! A lot of people worked really hard to bring the site to you and they are the ones that deserve the kudos. Monkey clan and ed durante really rock!

I want to thank sean for keeping such a great site (, up and running while this one languished away. He does quite an amazing job.

I also want to say i am afraid the vox lounge is dead and buried - if there is still a board up from artist direct it will not be there too much longer. I also want to let you know your loyalty to the band and input is greatly recognised and appreciated. It is my hope that the fans will be rewarded through this site in the future with special offers etc. So hang in there while we iron out the kinks.
Lots of love to every one of you for the holidays and keep enjoying all the best

adria petty"

Thanks for the memory Adria!

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