I Hate Tom Petty

I'd love to be able to tell you that this movie was great. That it was a beautiful love story about a guy and a girl in a band who fell in love. And that the songs bled with empathy for their heart wrenching story. That the acting and story line about how tough it is to break into the music industry were riveting and had me glued to my seat and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen...

But I can't. 

Bob was taught from the cradle to be successful at all costs, and this mentality leads him into a competition with his family. Knowing Bob’s family background and temperament, the agent holds up Tom Petty as the ultimate modern commercial musical success and challenges him to match Mr. Petty’s achievements. In the hopes of leveraging the success of the group, the agent begins planning Kitt’s solo career, playing the lovers against each other. The pressure builds on Bob, who is young and unused to such stress, until he finally snaps, causing a failure in his career, and a break up of the lovers.

Who in their right mind refers to anyone as "the lovers"?!?!?

As a Tom Petty fan, my curiosity got the best of me.  Back when gonegator.com was around someone from this movie contacted me.  I've long since lost the emails.  I guess in my head I had already seen the title as being some funny, maybe sarcastic reference in the movie.   I was really hoping for a glimmer of humor with a title like that.  The possibilities were endless. So I rented this movie from Vimeo. And yeah, that didn't even happen.

I wish I could tell you that "I Hate Tom Petty" had some redeeming value or quality, but I can't think of any.  I actually sat through an hour of this movie just hoping something good, funny or entertaining would happen, but I ended up just wanting to gouge my eyes and ears out with a fork.

I know somebody put a lot of time, money and effort into putting this "movie" together, but to whoever that may be, you've seen a movie before, right? You know what they're supposed to look like on the screen, right?  DAMN!

You can go to IMDB and watch the trailer, but don't bother.  I'll be asking Vimeo for my $4.99 and that hour of my life back!


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